Czech for Foreigners

Type of the exam: written and oral
Level: A1 according to Common European Framework for Languages
Available dates for 2019: 12 January 2019
Fees: according to Guidelines for organizing Czech exams for permanent stay in the Czech Republic 
Place: KCVJŠ Plzeň, sady 5. května 42 (show on map)
Submissions (apply at): student department at KCVJŠ Plzeň, sady 5. května 42, tel.: +420 378 010 010, e-mail:
Deadline: one day in advance of the date of the exam


WRITTEN PART: lasts cca 80 minutes and consists of two parts:

    • Reading (25 minutes)
    • Listening (35 - 40 minutes)
    • Writing (15 minutes)

ORAL PART: 10 minutes


The exam lasts approximately 1,5 hours, you are required to stay in the exam room for the whole duration of the exam, you are forbidden to leave.
All answers must be written onto the ANSWER SHEET. A sample of the answer sheet can be found in the model exam brochure.

For each part of the exam, you can be awarded maximum of 20 points. You have to obtain minimum of 12 points (i.e. 60%) in each of the written exam parts in order to be allowed to take the oral exam. If you fail to do so, you have to re-sit the whole exam. If you fail the oral exam, you also have to re-sit the whole exam.
There is a break between the written and the spoken parts of the exam.
If you pass the exam, you receive the certificate straight away.

Reading – a text and a set of questions, write your answers onto the answer sheet (2 pages)
Listening – you will listen to a recording and will be asked to answer a set of questions, write your answers onto the answer sheet (3 pages)
Writing – You will be asked to write something according to the instructions (2 pages)
Speaking – you are asked talk to about a set of pictures


The first exam (with a voucher) is free. 
Any other attempt will be charged at 1,500 CZK. You can re-sit the exam at a school of your liking. It can be the same one, or a different one.


You can access a brochure and a model exam on this website webových stránkách which contains all the model questions for all the parts of the exam.


It is not possible to take the exam without a voucher issued by the Ministry of Interior of The Czech Republic.


A candidate who failed the exam can re-sit it any other time. There is no limit, but you have to pay the fee prior to resitting the exam.